Mass homilies are usually posted within 24 hours. There are a minimum of three homilies per week given at daily Mass.
Date Speaker Title
October 1, 2019 Fr. Gerard Little Flower and Little Victims of Great Grace
September 29, 2019 Fr. Gerard When We Fail to Care
September 28, 2019 Fr. Peter Damian First Disciple
September 26, 2019 Fr. Cassian My Family
September 25, 2019 Fr. Cassian Really Wanted to See Him
September 23, 2019 Fr. Cassian When God Forgets
September 22, 2019 Fr. Cassian Means to Eternity
September 21, 2019 Fr. Peter Damian Dear Jesus
September 18, 2019 Fr. Peter Damian Closed Hearts
September 17, 2019 Fr. Peter Damian Trouble and Sorrow