Monastery Health Fair

The Monastery Health Fair has proven to be a great outreach tool to the community at large. This Health Fair offers us an opportunity to partner with other organizations in the community, establishing powerful networks of volunteerism that resonate long after the tents come down. Creating the space and hosting other benefactors and community groups is the synergy that connects us all together in serving God in our neighbor. This Health Fair helps connect the community with the service providers who have a mandate to improve the health of the underprivileged but sometimes have difficulty reaching them. It is our hope that this outreach reflects the unique personality and character of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit which essentially is one of Hospitality.

                                                 MONASTERY HEALTH FAIR
                                                  Saturday October 7, 2017, 10:00AM to 3:00PM
                                          THE HEALTH FAIR OFFERS FREE MEDICAL SCREENINGS:
Screenings begin at 10:00AM and end at 2:00PM
With the collaboration of a generous team of medical professionals, doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and volunteer staff, all friends of the monastery, the monastery aims to help empower the residents of our community-at-large to take charge of their health. The health fair targets area residents. However, there are no boundaries when it comes to participants. The Rockdale Medical Center joins us again with their community outreach initiative offering free blood screening that covers many areas as listed below. New to our offerings - Walgreens has partnered with us this year to provide free flu shots to uninsured and underserved people. People from all walks of life and income levels can participate in this health fair.

List of the Screenings that will be available.
Vision screening (children included)
Dental / Oral, Dental HCS Mobile (children included)
Skin screening - Dermatologist
Body Mass Index (BMI) screening
Bone health screening (bone density)
Foot and ankle screening
Depression screening
Blood pressure screening
Blood Work (Blood Draw) courtesy of Rockdale Medical Center, includes:
(Prostate/PSA (Men Only), Blood Chemistry Screening (provides baseline information on Hemoglobin A1C - blood glucose, liver, kidneys, thyroid, and more), Hemoglobin A1C,  Lipid Panel (cholesterol)
Body position & posture - Chiropractor (Spinal Screening)
Consultation / Ask a Medical Question.
Massage therapy - there will also be a team of massage therapists
The Details
There is no charge for  medical screenings, and parking is also free.

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Rockdale Medical Center also participates in numerous community events throughout the year to bring awareness to the health of our community. RMC has participated in the Monastery Fall Festival and Health Fair for several years and returns to us again offering free blood/draw screenings. Blood screening can catch potential health problems in their early stages when they can be managed most effectively.




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