Retreat Schedule 2015

THE WEEKEND RETREAT— If you are interested in participating in a spiritual journey but only have weekends available, these retreats are for you. The conferences are scheduled Friday thru Sunday. You will check in on Friday after 2:00 pm, and check out by 1:00 pm on Sunday.

THE MIDWEEK RETREAT— The mid-week retreats are much like our weekend retreats though often at a more leisurely pace, providing more time for personal prayer and reflection. The conferences are scheduled Monday thru Thursday. You will check in on Monday after 2:00 pm, and check out by 12:00 noon on Thursday.

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November 6-8 (Weekend)                                                                                        
If God Loves me why is it so hard to Love myself?
(Martha Gross)
How can I love my neighbor if I find it so hard to love myself? We are taught that God loves us and we ought to love God, our neighbor and ourselves, but how can we give something to others that we do not have? This retreat will offer tools for experiencing God’s unconditional love at a deep cellular level that can enable us to love and accept ourselves in the brokenness of our human condition.

November 9-12 (Midweek)
Celebrating, Praying, and Learning from Merton: Man, Monk, Master, Mystic and Critic.
(Victor Kramer)
Sessions about the influences from his life; about prayer; monastic concerns; spirituality; and social issues will encourage participants to appreciate Merton’s continuing influence as a guide for our contemporary Christian (and post-Christian) society, as well as for individuals in their quest for God.
Suggested Reading List available upon registration.

November 13-15 (Weekend)
12 Step Spirituality for Everyone
(Br. Michael)
This retreat will show how everyone can use the Twelve Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in their spiritual lives.  The retreat will provide practical ways to use the Twelve Steps as spiritual “tools” on your journey to God.

November 20-22 (Weekend)
Contemplative Prayer
(Fr. Tom Francis & Scott Hodgman)
For those married and single alike, the professional and the student - for all of us engaged in the world outside the cloistered walls - prayer truly is a cultivated art. Perhaps we can say that the wind of the Spirit "who blows where he wills," often compared to the "still small voice" of the contemplative experience of Elijah on Horeb, has its own particular manifestation in the mystery and "art of prayer.” This weekend let us take some time to be still and know our God in love through centering prayer, and reflect on our experience of centering prayer as a cultivated art for everyday spirituality.

November 23-25 (Midweek)
Spirituality of Thank-Full-Ness

(Frs. Gerard & Anthony)
Practicing the spirituality of thankfulness strengthens our faith, as we remember the evidence of God's presence in our lives. Thank-full-ness encourages others, giving them strength and joy for their journey.

November 27-29, 2015 (Weekend)
Sacred Journeys Towards The End Of Life
Exploring Spirituality, Religion, and Health Care in the settings of illness and death.
(Br. Mark, Br. Michael, Fr. Tom Francis, and physician Dr. Christopher) 
This retreat will explore the importance of Spirituality in the journey of Death and Dying and in the areas of Health Care and Medicine, especially the growing field of Palliative Medicine.  Specific topics will include the Spirituality of Death and Dying, decisions around End of Life Care - in the hospital, long term care facilities, and home settings; Advanced Care Planning, Long Term Care for Loved Ones, and the growing opportunities to explore ways to participate in God's transforming Love given that a physical death is a reality for all of us.  Additional topics will touch on the cultural and religious practices of the Catholic and other Christian faith traditions as well as other religious faith traditions.


November 27-29 (Weekend)
Vocation Discernment 
(Br. Elias) 
This retreat is open to both men and women. For some people an experience such as a vocational discernment retreat comes at a point in their lives when they have begun to feel, or have felt for some time, an inner pull toward the religious life or perhaps the monastic way. This can prove to be a trying and confusing time in which it is hard to discern the basic direction in their lives. Vocational discernment retreats provide a prayerful atmosphere of silence, beauty, and peace in which retreatants come together with others to listen to God and their own hearts.


December 4-6 (Weekend)                                                                                           back to top
Pray As You Can
(Fr. Anthony)
Just as there are no two snowflakes exactly alike, prayer is different for each of us. Personal preferences may vary, yet each one is called to "pray as one can, not as one can't." We will take an in-depth look at prayer as described in the book Praying in the Cellar.

December 11-13 (Weekend)
Listening to God
(Frs. Anthony & Gerard)
This retreat focuses on learning to listen to God with the ears of our hearts. We will learn to how to listen to God speak to us through the Scriptures, how to listen in the monastic tradition (Rule of Benedict), how to listen to conscience, the silence of God, and how to listen to the hearts of our brothers and sisters.  Please bring a notebook for journaling.

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Mass and Liturgy Schedules

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