Retreat Schedule 2016

Our Preached Retreat program provides a rich variety of spiritual presentations for men and women. In these preached retreats there is a leader or presenter(s) who offer conferences each day, leads discussions and is available for private counseling. The presenter(s) gives 2 or 3 talks a day, followed by suggested readings to be used during the retreatant's personal prayer throughout the day. The day also offers an opportunity to share in the Eucharist, participate in the Divine Office, and invites you to spend your day, including meals, in prayerful silence.


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October 21-23 (Weekend)                                                                                          
Yoga and Christian Contemplation
(Fr. Tom Francis, Tyler Francisco & Michelle Carew-Bessette)
The physical practice of Hatha Yoga, accompanied by different forms of prayer, such as Lectio Divina and Taize Song, are used to enter Contemplative Prayer.   The integration of these methods fosters a movement beyond conversation and meditation into spiritual communion with The Most Holy Trinity.  Approachable and fundamental, this retreat offers a practical experience to those new to yoga or those looking to fulfill their own practice and teaching with the light of our Triune God: Father, Son-Jesus, Holy Spirit.  This retreat is offered by Yoga Into Trinity. 

November 4-6 (Weekend)
Contemplative Prayer
(Frs. Tom Francis & Gerard and Br. Michael)
Prayer is a loving exchange with God. When we learn to receive the gift of God’s presence through loving silence, we are able to develop our personal relationship with Him. One way to receive this gift is through centering prayer, traditionally known as contemplative prayer. This type of prayer enables us to rest in God, leading to a more intimate relationship with Him.

November 7-10 (Midweek)
Walker Percy – Percy’s Storytelling: Finding God While Feeling Lost in the Cosmos.
(Victor Kramer)
Percy’s Storytelling: Finding God While Feeling Lost in the Cosmos.
All of Walker Percy’s fiction is about finding God in our modern culture, so dependent upon science, abstraction, and materialism.  His first novel, The Moviegoer  [1961], will be used for this meditative retreat about confusion, hope, sacrament, and marriage.  By concentrating mostly on beginnings and endings of the five chapters of the book, retreatants will relate to the questioning about; seeking of; and finding of God through other persons.  References will be made to Percy’s essays and other novels.

November 11-13 (Weekend)
Praying in a Busy Life
(Carl McColman)
Life in the 21st century seems busier than ever! We work longer hours, juggle various personal, family, and professional commitments, and it often seems like there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. This retreat is an invitation to take a deep breath, relax, and be still before the presence of God, acknowledging that God is present even when life seems to get in the way. The conferences will include practical tips on how to deepen your prayer life, even in the midst of all the demands and obligations that life throws your way.

November 18-20 (Weekend)
12 Step Spirituality for Everyone
(Br. Michael)
This retreat will show how everyone can use the Twelve Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in their spiritual lives.  The retreat will provide practical ways to use the Twelve Steps as spiritual “tools” on your journey to God.

November 21-23 (Midweek)
Spirituality of Thank-Full-Ness
(Frs. Gerard)
Practicing the spirituality of thankfulness strengthens our faith, as we remember the evidence of God's presence in our lives. Thank-full-ness encourages others, giving them strength and joy for their journey.

November 25-27 (Weekend)
Vocation Discernment
(Br. Elias)
This retreat is open to both men and women.  For some people, an experience such as a vocational discernment retreat comes at a point in their lives when they have begun to feel, or have felt for some time, an inner pull toward the religious life or perhaps the monastic way. This can prove to be a trying and confusing time in which it is hard to discern the basic direction in their lives. Vocational discernment retreats provide a prayerful atmosphere of silence, beauty and peace in which retreatants come together with others to listen to God and their own hearts.

December 2-4 (Weekend)                                                                                              back to top
Pray As You Can
(Br. Mark)
Just as there are no two snowflakes exactly alike, prayer is different for each of us. Personal preferences may vary, yet each one is called to "pray as one can, not as one can't." We will take an in-depth look at prayer as described in the book Praying in the Cellar.

December 9-11 (Weekend)
Deacons and Self-Care
(Br. Mark, Deacon Daniel Pyles and Dr. Beth Woodard)
As a rule, deacons are focused on serving others. Sometimes it is hard to practice self-care. In addition to the opportunity of praying and worshipping in community, we will examine our busy-ness and our peaceful-ness, our care of others and of self, and how it all affects the ministry of the deacon and his family life.

Mass and Liturgy Schedules

Prayer services are held 7 times throughout the day beginning with Vigils at 4 a.m. and ending with Compline at 7:30 p.m. Click below for the Monastery’s detailed prayer schedule.