Retreat Schedule 2017

Our Preached Retreat Program provides a rich variety of spiritual presentations for men and women. In these preached retreats there is a leader or presenter(s) who offer conferences each day and leads discussions. The presenter(s) gives 2 or 3 talks a day, followed by suggested readings to be used during the retreatant's personal prayer throughout the day. The day also offers an opportunity to share in the Eucharist, participate in the Divine Office, and invites you to spend your day, including meals, in prayerful silence.


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November 6-9 (Midweek)
Pope Francis: On Care For Our Common Home
(Victor Kramer)
The papal letter, “Laudato Si” provides a model for contemporary culture's understanding of our needs and responsibilities with regard to respect for the planet.  How can individuals put some of these good ideas into play as Christians?

November 10-12 (Weekend)
Wisdom of the Christian Mystics
(Br. Elias & Carl McColman)
From the Desert Fathers to Julian of Norwich to Thomas Merton, Christian history is filled with stories of men and women who experienced a profound sense of God's presence in their lives. Can the teachings of the mystics still speak to us today?  The mystics themselves would say "Yes."  Furthermore, their message is not just for priests, monks, or nuns but is indeed meant for the entire people of God.  With this in mind, during this weekend we will look at several ways that the wisdom of the Christian mystics can provide insight and inspiration for our age—including the universal call to holiness, St. Paul's directive to "pray without ceasing," and the promise from the Psalms to "Be still and know that I am God."

November 17-19 (Weekend)
Self Confrontation
(Br. Mark)
A retreat that deals with the need to grow through self-knowledge and the courage to make that journey.

November 20-22 (Midweek)
Spirituality of Thank-Full-Ness
(Fr. Gerard & Br. Mario)
Practicing the spirituality of thankfulness strengthens our faith, as we remember the evidence of God's presence in our lives. Thank-full-ness encourages others, giving them strength and joy for their journey.

December 1-3 (Weekend)                                                                              back to top
12-Step Spirituality for Everyone
(Br. Michael)
This retreat will show how everyone can use the Twelve Steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in their spiritual lives.  The retreat will provide practical ways to use the Twelve Steps as spiritual “tools” on your journey to God.

December 8-10 (Weekend)
Contemplative Prayer
(Frs. Tom Francis & Gerard and Br. Michael)
Prayer is a loving exchange with God. When we learn to receive the gift of God’s presence through loving silence, we are able to develop our personal relationship with Him. One way to receive this gift is through centering prayer, traditionally known as contemplative prayer. This type of prayer enables us to rest in God, leading to a more intimate relationship with Him.


Prayer Requests

At the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, we are here to support you and we welcome your prayer request. Please submit your request online and the community will pray for your intentions. 

Mass and Liturgy Schedules

Prayer services are held 7 times throughout the day beginning with Vigils at 4 a.m. and ending with Compline at 7:30 p.m. Click below for the Monastery’s detailed prayer schedule.