Schedule of Events

Sharing our Monastic Values and Witness. "It is a celebration of color and food, family and monk life, animals and leisure, arts and crafts. Living things both great and small. A day of gratitude to be alive, to enjoy the weather, to enjoy all that God is and all that God has made. We celebrate the monk within. We celebrate the family. We celebrate God."

Festival Event Schedule 1
     The Abbey Church - Scheduled tours of our Gothic Church; Mid-Day Prayer; Listen to
      the Monks Chanting.
      Entertainment Tent - Scheduled Performances by great singers / songwriters and Kidz Dance Group
      and Spanish Folkore Dance

Festival Event Schedule 2
     The Conference Room
- Scheduled Lectures on Contemplation by our own authors
     followed by Book Signing.


Ready to visit the Monastery of the Holy Spirit? We're located just 35 minutes outside of Metro Atlanta in scenic Conyers, Georgia.