Abbey Garden Center

The Abbey Garden Center provides a wide variety of unusual items for the gardening, bonsai or outdoor activity enthusiast.

The Monastery has been recognized as a center for learning about the ancient art of bonsai for many years, enthusiasts also know it is the place to go for all bonsai related plants and supplies. We carry a full line of bonsai pottery including the highest quality Tokoname pots from Japan and Korean Mica pots. Special Monastery soil, wire and all other bonsai related tools and accessories can also be purchased at the Monastery garden Center. 

In addition to bonsai, many other nursery plants, such as herbs and ornamentals are found at our garden center. Other gift items include:

  • Bird watching equipment
  • Local Artists Craft items
  • Watercolors of the Monastery  
  • Monk made walking sticks
  • Jewelry
  • Garden Statuary

Come browse our unusual selection of outdoor gift items!

Abbey Garden Center Hours:

Tuesday– Saturday  10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: (770) 918-9661


Explore the diverse plant life at The Monastery of the Holy Spirit catalogued by Botanist Jim Allison

Mass and Liturgy Schedules

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