Mass homilies are usually posted within 24 hours. There are a minimum of three homilies per week given at daily Mass.
Date Speaker Title
June 21, 2022 Fr Peter Damian He Lived Christ's Love
June 20, 2022 Fr Francis Michael Measuring You He'll Use the Measure You Used Measuring Others
June 14, 2022 Fr Peter Damian Be What God Designed You to Be
June 9, 2022 Dom Augustine Thoughts Burried Deep in Our Heart
June 6, 2022 Dom Augustine Holy Mother, Mother of Holy Mother Church
June 5, 2022 Don Augustine No Where Without You
June 2, 2022 Fr Cassian Tricky Track to Truth
June 1, 2022 Fr Cassian Fire Keeps Wolves at Bay
May 31, 2022 Fr Cassian Cries and Muted Tones
May 29, 2022 Fr Cassian When Common Is Common Many Equal One Infinity