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Want to learn more about the monastic lifestyle? We invite you spend a vocational retreat with us to learn more about monasticism. Immerse yourself in the Monastery’s serene environment and explore the daily life of the community. Whether you’re reflecting in prayer with us or observing our routine, this is a wonderful opportunity to join others who share a similar focus in a place dedicated to relaxation in a quiet, beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

Considering a monastic path? Those interested in becoming a monk can inquire into the lifestyle at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit through exploration, visits to our grounds, and live-in observation. Find out more about how you can embark on this fulfilling journey today.

Now is your opportunity to live, work and pray with the Trappist Monks of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. The Monastic Guest Program is as close as you can get to living an authentic monastic life without pursuing a possible vocation. Don’t pass up this unique experience!

Has God called you to live a monastic life? Though all Christians are called to serve the cause of Christ, God calls certain people to serve the Church as monks. If you feel that God is inviting you to live your vocation as a religious monk, we’re here to help clarify that invitation.

Make a life decision that will bring joy to yourself, to others and to Christ. The journey of discernment can give you the ability to see and understand this life choice clearly. Each lifestyle – as a monk or otherwise – is a method to live out Christ’s invitation to happiness by growth in self-giving.

Have you decided that you’d like to pursue a monastic life? If further exploration is desired at the end of the live-in observership stage, we encourage you to spend some time praying over your experience. In that time, if you feel a sense of belonging and “rightness,” you would be welcome to request permission into postulancy. Discover more about the final steps in the process.

Intrigued by the monastic lifestyle? We’ve recommended readings that can help you gain a deeper understanding of the community and discernment.


1. What is my vocation?

Recommended Readings

Intrigued by the monastic lifestyle? We’ve recommended readings to help you gain a deeper understanding of the community and discernment.


You can learn more about our life at our American Region's website. It has a Newcomer's Guide to Trappist life, Steps to Becoming a Monk or Nun, and much more information about all our Cistercian monasteries in the USA. American Region's Vocation Website: /

Also visit our own vocation site:

Our Vocation Team can be reached by sending an e-mail message to (770) 483-8705 (extension 360)